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Bathroom Drains

Does your Bathroom Water drain slowly? Does your toilet water rise towards the top of the cistern?

These Bathroom water issues may be caused from drain or pipe problems further down the sewer or drainage system. It’s always best to prevent than try and cure an issue. If domestic chemicals or caustic soda fails to clear the drain then call Lords of the Drains for a Free Quotation.

Kitchen Drains

Why leave your kitchen sinks and drains to block before it’s too late. The amount of food and kitchen waste down a plug and sink can have big effects on the drainage.

Regular cleaning of a kitchen sink will virtually guarantee a problem free kitchen sink. Why call a Plumber when you can call our Professional Drainage experts to resolve your kitchen drains problem inside or outside the home or business.

Outside Drains

Who owns your outside drain system? You, your neighbours or the local council?.

Lords of the Drains can advise you with free advice that can save you time and money with a quick and simple call as with outside drains there’s not many things you can do unless you are in possession of push rods and basic knowledge of cleaning drains, knowing which way the drains are flowing to pushing the waste in the right direction, as you may be causing more damage, if that doesn’t work we are just a phone call away.

Do You need advaice?

Are You concerned about Your inside pipework? Your drains and pipes inside or outside Your property/premises? Are You experiencing any of these issues or drainage symptoms? If we can’t solve Your problem, we won’t charge You!

Symptom signs of potential problems and issues with Drainage, Blocked Drains, Pipes, Sewage Drains, Toilets, Showers and waste water systems.
  • Foul smells
  • Slow Draining water
  • Gurgling as water drains down sink or plug hole
  • Water rises to top when toilet has been flushed
  • Water lying on the ground around man hole cover or inspection chamber
  • Leaves and Debris covering drainage covers